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Bright Pixel is a group of experienced builders, creative thinkers and investors with many years of experience under our belts.

There are many names for Bright Pixel’s approach. The general one is "company builder studio”, which is a good fit for what it aims to accomplish.

At BRPX, as we like to name it, we’ll be managing a venture lifecycle going from experimentation and lab phases to investing into startups or delivering MVPs, basically incubating unique product ideas into great startups in which we will co-invest.

Widely diversified and experienced
Another way of looking at us is as a widely diversified and experienced group of people obsessed with helping skilled promoters come into our building, leverage our skills and engage our partner ecosystem the best they can, working as fast and lean as possible in order to grow and leave as founders, boosted by our seed-stage investment fund.
We’re already hard at work building
We’re already hard at work building a pipeline of ideation and lab projects with great companies like NOS and Sonae (BIT, Público and Worten), already investing in two MVPs to become go to market startups. One is called—a new way to look at content publishing—and the other is called Oxpecker, a next generation web security tool.
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