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InovRetail is a Retail Innovation company, fully invested to Research & Development of new and advanced technological solutions designed to improve the customer store experience. The solutions help Retailers create Store Environments that are more appeali

The company delivers solutions that provide a never seen before in-depth insight on how customers interact with the Retail Space and its sensorial ecosystem, providing Retailers with unique tools to make fact based business decisions regarding the store environment strategy and initiatives.


An advanced Customer Retail Experience Management platform, built to help retailers design and manage optimized atmospherics strategies for their retail stores. Seeplus helps you Improve your Brand Awareness sustainability, create more revenue opportunities whilst optimizing your store operating costs.

An extension of our SEEPLUS platform, designed to provide all key features 
and functionalities to those who require them when on the move. Interact with your business in an entirely new level, access strategic information as it happens and make decisions on the spot. SEEMOBILE is optimized for mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets.

Allows you to fully model and explore all your business data, through a flexible 
and intuitive analytical platform built within the Office Excel productivity ecosystem:

• Office Excel Add In;
• Analysis Templates;
• Multidimensional Analysis Structures;
• User Defined Reports;
• Controlled User Access and Data Profiling.

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