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Protection against all types of cybersecurity threats. Incident prevention and response 24x7x365.
Cyber criminality is rapidly evolving, increasingly complex and pervasive and it impacts shareholder value. S21sec mission is to optimise our clients cyber threat management capabilities to mitigate financial, reputational & customer losses. 
Managed Security Services
Security Operation Centre.
Computer Emergency Response Team. 
Advanced Cyber Services
Anti-Fraud/ eCrime.
Red Team.
White Hat Professional Services
Auditing and Advanced Hacking.
Strategy and Compliance Consulting.
Own and 3rd Party Technology Deployment.
Technology (Cyber Solutions)
Security Management & Monitoring Solutions.
Critical Systems and Endpoint Protection.

Digital Surveillance
Real Time Internet Information Analyser.
Information Security & Brand Monitoring.

Cyber Innovation
Customer R&D projects and prototypes.
Technology evaluations.
R&D consulting.
Training and development for existing and future cyber experts. 
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