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StyleSage is a strategic analytics SaaS platform that helps fashion, home and beauty retailers and brands with critical pre, in and post season decisions globally
StyleSage is a predictive analytics and real-time sales optimization platform that enables brands to price, design, and buy new products in the fashion, home and beauty sector. Every day, StyleSage pulls product data from competitors’ ecommerce websites from around the world. Then, with groundbreaking technology in machine learning and visual recognition, StyleSage cleans, organizes, and analyzes the massive amounts of collected data into a cloud-based dashboard that empowers brands and retailers to make informed, data-driven decisions in areas such line planning, markdown optimization, and global expansion.
Highly granular
The StyleSage platform delivers the 10,000 feet bird’s-eye view of the global market and drills down to the most granular design features of a product. This granularity and flexibility is unparalleled in the market today and gives retailers the full picture of the competitive landscape
Fashion meets Big Data
Data-driven, actionable insights from over 1,000 retailers, 53,000 brands and 100M SKUs worldwide, helping increase sales. Effortlessly.

Adjust next season's strategy

For Pre-Season:
Validate line plan, pricing and assortment
Support design and production decisions
Plan and Forecast Discount Cadence
For In- & Post-Season:
Maximize sales and promotion opportunities
Review Season's performance

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