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WeDo Technologies is a worldwide leader in Enterprise Business Assurance, providing software and expert consultancy, to intelligently analyse large quantities of data.
WeDo Technologies works with some of the world’s leading blue chip companies from the retail, energy, insurance and healthcare industries, as well as more than 180 telecommunications operators from more than 90 countries, through more than 500 highly-skilled professionals.
Enterprise Business Assurance
Enterprise Business Assurance is an assessment methodology that helps organizations audit their systems and manage risks to improve and protect their current and future performance. 
Business Management & Optimization
World's #1 Provider of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software for telecom operators. More than 180 telecom operators worlwide trust in WeDo Technologies to assure their business for the future.
WeDo Technologies’ Business Managed Services are intended to solve the needs related with Revenue Assurance (RA) and Fraud Management (FM) business operations whenever a CSP might lack the knowledge related to processes or the resources to monitor and control full process range or even when the CSP strategically decided to outsource RA activities. 
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