Cookies, Privacy and Security Policy

A cookie is a file that is written onto your computer or any other device used to access certain webpages that allows to collect information about your browsing activities. In some cases, Cookies are necessary to enhance browsing experience while allowing to store and recover information about the user’s browsing habits or equipment, among others. Depending on the information contained and how equipment is used, cookies can be allow to recognise users.

Performance Cookies

These cookies are used to analyse the use of our website, allowing to feature items or services tailored to our users’ interests, while monitoring the website performance, knowing which pages are most popular, what is the most effective method to link pages or determining why some pages report error messages. These cookies are used only to create and analyse statistic data, never collecting any personal data.

Disabling Cookies

Users may allow, block or delete Cookies placed on their devices in the settings menu of the browser installed in their computers. Please read the Help tab of your browser to learn more about how to enable “private browsing” or to disable certain Cookies.

Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings For more information, please check out Chrome Help Center or the Help tab on your browser.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings For more information, please check out Mozilla Support or the Help tab on your browser.

Safari: Preferences -> Security For more information, please check out Apple Support or the Help tab on your browser.

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings For more information, please check out Microsoft Support or the Help tab on your browser.

Privacy Policy

Sonae IM respects your privacy and is committed to protecting all personal information shared on its website. Whenever personal information from users or data subjects is needed, for purposes of providing services, the use of said information is described in the terms of this document and in accordance with the applicable law in matters of data protection.

Sonae IM complies with all national and international laws and standards related to the protection of children’s privacy.

This website does not target and is not intended to attract children and, therefore, does not solicit personal information from children nor sends children requests for personal information.

In addition to these privacy commitments, Sonae IM meets all standards and privacy regulations in force in Portugal.