Investment themes

  • Cybersecurity

    Investments in cybersecurity services providers and technology

  • Retail Technologies

    Focus on data analytics, omnichannel enablers and e-commerce enablers

  • Telco Technologies

    Interested in disruptive technology for network efficiency, customer value enablement and new revenue generation

Why Sonae IM

  • Industry Expertise

    Team with a strong know-how of the market and industry segments

    Deep screening of opportunities before investing

  • Tech Networking

    Close links to other tech companies within Sonae IM’s portfolio

    Access to large network of external partners, potential customers and investors

  • Continued Support

    Active investor with capacity to support portfolio companies on operational and strategic decisions

    Operating groups and dedicated teams, with deep retail, telecom and cybersecurity sectors expertise

  • Explore relationships with Sonae’s core businesses

    Potential to be challenged by the businesses and to create relevant use-cases

We are around the world